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11th Feb. - 01st Mar. 2013

Advanced Course in Spoken Sanskrit

This advanced course aims to

  • practice Sanskrit conversation on an extensive range of topics
  • revise and deepen Sanskrit grammar with ample examples
  • build-up an enriched vocabulary and
  • learn Sanskrit prosody and recitation of metrical verses

Apart from regular teaching, the unique feature of this course is its strong interactive element. This is facilitated by staying together with the teacher and other participants, which will provide enough occasions to practice the learned skills.

To ensure focussed individual attention, the maximum strength of the course is limited to seven participants.


  • No. of participants: 7
  • Course fee: 400 Euro (80 Hrs of teaching)
  • Accommodation: 290 Euro (Includes: vegetarian meals and refreshments. Accommodation is available for seven students only.)
  • Application deadline: 31st Oct. 2012
  • Contact: Anand Mishra (sanskrit@uni-heidelberg.de)
    South Asia Institute, Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
    D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
    Tel. +49(0)6221 54 4907 Fax. +49(0)6221 54 6338
  • For more information about the admission procedure and and application form, visit

Workshop on Rituals

From 19.02. - 05.03.20012 the Department of Classical Indology, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany organized an excursion to observe and analyze the ritual practices associated with worship of deities (Pūjā).

Together with Anand Mishra, ten students of the department stayed in Śādvala - Center for Sanskrit Studies in Goa and participated in the Pūjā rituals conducted by Dr. Patanjali Mishra (Sanskrit-Faculty, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi) and Dr. Shivdeo Mishra (Priest, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi).

  • Gaṇapati-pūjana (Erena Edmond Francis, Benjamin Edinger)
  • Kalaśa (Varuṇa)-pūjana (Nathalie Gilhaus, Dominique Baur)
  • Ṣoḍaśa-mātṛkā-pūjana, Sapta-ghṛta-mātṛkā-pūjana (Linde Goebel, Judith Unterdörfler)
  • Nāndī-śrāddha (Anna Ries, Charlotte Backhaus)
  • Navagraha-pūjana, Homa (Bastian Jantke, Nils Liersch)

A photo reportage of the excursion can be downloaded in English and in German.

।। सत्यं परं धीमहि ।।

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